Our vision

If we want to be able to feed the growing world’s population in a sustainable way in 2050, we will have to double our food production and do this in an energy neutral way.

Three well-known companies in the agro-food sector have sat down together and developed a vision that is different from the trends we are currently seeing in the dairy industry. They asked an important question: why always aim for bigger global production facilities? Isn’t it more effective and sustainable to produce locally, near by the community of the consumer?

This vision is a strong commitment to the future of milk: one that we believe could be key in solving the food challenges that will face us in 2050.

Imagine ...

you could supply your community with healthy food which is produced just around the corner. Milk naturally contains important nutrients and therefore plays a key role in nutrition and people’s wellbeing. Worldwide dietary recommendations state that a healthy diet should include at least two portions of dairy products per day.